Visa for Thailand

How to Obtain a Fast and Secure Visa for Thailand


What is a Thai visa?

A visa is a stamp that the Thai embassy or consulate marks in your passport stating the period of time you are allowed to legally stay in Thailand. There is now a simple way to obtain a visa by mailing your passport to the on-line Thai Visa Services, rather than traveling to the embassy or consulate.

One of the most important things before going to the embassy/consulate or mailing in your passport, is to make sure the passport is valid for at least another 6 months, otherwise you could have the unpleasant surprise of being rejected.

Before applying for a Thai visa you should check The Ministry of Foreign Affairs website where you will easily find all the details needed for how to obtain your Thai visa quickly and safely.

Tips in getting the Thai visa from the embassy/consulate:

1. If you have any important documents in Thai, you should have a certificated translation, because not everyone in the embassy knows how to read Thai.
2. Most applications are usually accepted in the morning.
3. Before going to the embassy it’s recommended to check the schedule and see if the visa section is opened on the day you are going to apply, as embassies and consulates are closed for all of Thailand’s national holidays. Check online as most information is available and can vary from a place to another, and from a year to another.
4. Some consulate websites don’t work, have blank pages, or outdated information. You should give them a call or an e-mail before going there.

In case you want to stay a little bit longer you should apply to the nearest consulate or embassy. There are two types of visa you can apply for:

  • Tourist visa (90 days). For westerners from rich countries or Asians from rich countries there is no special paperwork needed to get the tourist visa for Thailand.
  • The is a new Tourist Multiple Entry Visa (6 months, often called METV). This was adopted at the end of 2015 and you should check with your local Thai consulate or Thai embassy. They might require you to show some available funds.
  • Non-immigrant visa (90 days, renewable up to one year). This visa is for conducting business in Thailand which requires a letter from your employer, and is the type of visa needed to start living in Thailand with your Thai spouse, or to retire.
  • Type B (business). You need to apply for the Non-immigrant B (Business) Visa, a 90 day visa that can be renewed for up to one year if you have an annual salary of 50,000 baht.
  • Type O-A (retirement). You need to be over 50 years old and maintain a bank account for 3 months of 800,000 baht in order to be eligible for a Retirement Visa.
  • Type ED (education). You only need to enroll to a Thai language school and will get the Education Visa.

For the best results in obtaining a quick and secure visa for Thailand it is always best find assistance from on-line legal services in Thailand. You can book an appointment online with Isaan Lawyers. A skype consultation of 1 hour will guide you about how get the best visa for your stay in Thailand. It is personalised, easy and efficient.

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