Prenuptial Agreements In Thailand

prenuptial agreements in thailand


If you get married in Thailand, you are advised to make  prenuptial agreements in Thailand.

The contract is a document, that spouses sign before entering into a marriage. It’s also called an antenuptial or premarital contract. .

Prenuptial Agreements in Thailand are one of the most important documents you will ever have drafted.

Prenuptial agreements provide a financial plan which can be managed through the course of marriage or upon the break-up of the marriage (example: divorce). It is very useful for people with substantial assets and properties and wish to control the division of the assets upon divorce.

Under Thai law  prenuptial and a postnuptial agreements are two types of agreements.  Both are made in relation of the assets between a husband and a wife but the prenuptial will be much stronger under Thai law than a postnuptial.

What are prenuptial Agreements in Thailand

Prenuptial agreements in Thailand are  agreements concerning the assets between a husband and a wife.  You must follow Thai law in order to have a valid. Remember that the main purpose it protect your assets with this contract.

A valid and enforceable Thai prenuptial agreement requires by Law that:

  1. It needs to be in writing on the same date of marriage registration, or;
  2. It has to be a written agreement signed by both parties.
  3. Two witnesses are required.
  4. The agreement should be attached with the marriage certificate where the marriage is registered.

Our Prenuptial Agreements in Thailand Service

Affordable Legal Expertise

Safeguard your assets and ensure financial clarity in your marriage with our comprehensive prenuptial agreement service for just 10,000 baht.

Expert Guidance and Support

Our experienced Thai lawyers will provide you with personalized legal consultation, explaining your rights and obligations in detail. We will guide you through the process via video conference or phone call to ensure your convenience.

Tailored Agreements for Your Needs

We meticulously draft prenuptial agreements service documents that cater to your unique circumstances and reflect your specific requirements. Our focus is on protecting your interests and ensuring a fair and equitable arrangement.

Enforceable and Compliant Documents

Our lawyers possess in-depth knowledge of Thai law and ensure that your prenuptial agreement service document is legally sound and enforceable. We thoroughly review each document to guarantee compliance with Thai legal standards.

Seamless Registration Process

Receive clear instructions and assistance from our team to seamlessly register your prenuptial agreement at the Amphur. We simplify the process to minimize hassle and ensure timely completion.

Bilingual Assistance for Clarity

Our Thai lawyers are fluent in both Thai and English, providing you with clear explanations and support throughout the process. We eliminate language barriers to ensure effective communication and understanding.

Protect Your Assets and Secure Your Future

Prenuptial agreements in Thailand can safeguard your assets, protect your financial independence, and prevent potential disputes in the event of a separation or divorce. Our comprehensive services ensure that your prenuptial agreement is legally sound, tailored to your needs, and enforceable.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discuss how our prenuptial agreement service can benefit you.

Drafted Remotely For Clients Worldwide

Our customized prenuptial agreements in Thailand services start at 10,000 baht. This agreement will be drafted by registered lawyers with vast experience in this field. It will reflect your personal situation. This price is normally half of what an international law firm asks.

Wherever you live in Thailand, or indeed the world we can draft the prenuptial agreement for you to have registered at the time of your marriage in Thailand.

All the work can be done online, remotely. You send us the  information we require and your Instructions and we will draft it for you.

Once we both agree on the final draft, we will also explain to you how to register it.

Meet Our Lawyers 

If you wish to meet our Lawyers in person, it will be our pleasure. In person or online via video from the comfort of your own home.


Our Prenuptial Agreement Thailand documents are written in both Thai and English for clarity and registration purposes.

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