Thailand Online Legal Services

Thailand Online Legal Services


We offer innovative consultations online and in person.


Technology continues to help make our lives easier. From buying to booking online, with just few clicks on a computer or smart phone, getting things done is faster and more convenient than ever before. In keeping with our commitment to efficiently adapting new technologies, Isaan Lawyers is proud to announce the start of a new service for our clients “ Online Legal Services”.

What is Thailand Online Legal Services?

As an innovative law firm with more than 17 years of experience in Thailand, Isaan Lawyers International decided to provide online legal services for our customers. Our goal is to serve clients with fast, high quality legal services at reasonable prices, wherever they are located.

Because of the convenience, we prefer to work via e-mail and online consultations so that you can speak and Instruct us from the comfort of your own home saving you time and expense. We can send and modify documents as needed, maintain a record of our previous conversations, and provide services while outside of our office. All e-mails that we receive or send are confidential and archived on our secure servers. Every type of contract and document can be sent via e-mail.

Should you wish a consultation, you can make an appointment directly on our website by choosing either to speak with an English International Lawyer or a English Speaking Thai lawyer via google meet, teams, zoom, whatsapp etc. or by just a phone call. Where necessary an in-person appointment at our office is always welcomed too. 

Appointments can be booked via our website where instant confirmation is provided and where payment can be made.

Make an appointment

We also provide free, and paid, contract templates for prenuptial agreement, divorce agreement, usufruct, etc., and many more in the near future. We do all this because it is our vision of a modern law firm: efficient, quick, professional, and affordable.

Download a template

In order to help inform our clients about Thai laws, family matters, business, property, visa, marriage, etc. We make it possible for anyone to freely consult our informative website.

Our service is quick, easy, and accessible to everyone:

  • Should you need some basic information? Just consult our website.
  • Should you have any basic questions? Just send us an e-mail and we will reply within 48-72 hours (mostly within only 24, except on weekends and holidays).
  • Should you need in depth answers or legal advice then a consultation will be required, these are completed at reasonable rates for our time and advice. Just make an appointment online or call our office to arrange. 
  • Should you need a template? Just download it directly from our website.

“The world is our office”

With our Thailand Online Legal Services, distance is no matter and everybody can use our services.

Our staff speaks English and Thai.

Our clients come from countries Worldwide.

Why online legal services ?

Because we are committed to integrating technology that allows us to better adapt our services to our customers, Isaan Lawyers is proud to provide professional online legal services. Helping our clients is our priority. We understand that time is precious and customers need answers to their questions as soon as possible.

With efficient online legal services in Thailand, you can save yourself time, and transport fees. You don’t need to travel to our office, unless you wish, or it is advisable for a specific case. Our services are always available to everyone, whenever, wherever.

Working online has the distinct advantage of always being present, no matter where you are. There’s no need to open multiple offices in different cities to serve a large panel of clients. Structuring our firm in this way allows us to offer highly competitive prices, compared to classic law firms which do not provide online services.

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