Work permit in Thailand

Work permit in Thailand

Every foreigner working in Thailand, having a salary or not, should possess a valid work permit. There are few exceptions to this rule but they are rare. If you are a resident of another nation and want to relocate to Thailand for the purpose of work, then first you have to get the work permit as per Thai law. After you have the permit, you can work as a professional and even as an employer. Apart from that, having the work permit also allows you to enjoy the wealthy culture and immaculate attractions of Thailand without any further requirement of Thai visa.

Working without the work permit is an illegal practice.

Though there are certain foreigners who are working in Thailand without the proper work permit, but this practice is not encouraged at all. This is a serious illegal practice and those who are working in that way cannot claim for any employment right if it is not provided by their employer. On top of that, there is a sense of fear that prevails with the person all the time of being caught by the police for working illegally in Thailand without the work permit. If a person gets caught for working without the Thai work permit, then he/she will be penalized and may require to pay 60,000 baht or get three years of imprisonment or both. Here’s how to get a Thai work permit.

Thai work permit secures the rights of the employees.

If you want to exercise your rights and privileges as an employee in Thailand, or you don’t want to get exploited by your employer, then it is very important to do things in the right way, which is by getting a Thai work permit. You must secure yourself or get secured by your employer by getting a work permit to work in Thailand.

Importance of non immigrant visa

To get the Thai work permit, the first thing that you require is the non immigrant visa. You cannot apply for the work permit if you do not possess this visa. Not just for the purpose of applying for your work permit, rather you should have this visa before you arrive in Thailand. It might be the case that you came to Thailand as a tourist, and you have a tourist visa. Now, you have got a good employment opportunity and for that you need a non immigrant visa. It is possible to convert the tourist visa to non immigrant visa and then apply for the Thai work permit. The process will take a few months time.

Support of an efficient law firm

Whatever the case may be, if you wish to work or establish business in Thailand, you must acquire your work permit. The best way to know and comply with all the formalities regarding the availability of the work permit in Thailand, you have to contact a legal firm. We are an established legal firm in Thailand and many experienced lawyers in Thailand are associated with us. With the help of these Thai lawyers, we can help you with the steps of getting the work permit in the smooth manner.

Work permits are complex and normally required a long list of documents to fill. Most of the labor department in Thailand will require 4 Thai employees per foreigner. Your employer must sponsor your work permit applications and you have to apply to the Labor Department of the province where you will work.

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