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Law firms that charge hourly rates for everything are normally expensive, but they are not the kind of legal representation anyone should be stuck having. At Isaan Lawyers International, we have structured our services where we can usually provide clients with an upfront and cost effective fixed or flat fee which is based on exactly what the client needs to be completed or accomplished.

We do not try to sell our clients services they don’t need, just to run up professional fees or  hourly bills. Infact that would be unethical and against our standards and policies. That’s not how you build confidence, clients or communities. 

The Legal fees you pay for the services of a law firm should be for their expertise and professionalism, as well as their commitment to protecting your rights and ensuring your interests are met. Not  just for the privilege of retention.


Retaining the services of a legitimate and long established law firm will end up saving you money and time. We can provide you with reasonable fees and a professional service for many reasons:


  • Isaan Lawyers being based in Isaan is less expensive for us than having an office in Bangkok. We also offer remote conferencing worldwide.
  • Our practice opened in 2006 and have developed and honed our expertise continually eversince.
  • We work efficiently and optimize our time.
  • The way we structure our business helps us  save on costs and enhances efficiency.
  • We maintain a network that provides translations, notary services, accounting, legal representation, contract drafting, etc. We utilise this professional network in serving your best interests.
  • We work with technology to save us time. Cloud system access for our staff, appointments made online and synchronized automatically, an easy-to-use file-sharing system for our clients and others. We manage our time wisely.
  • Our in house team consists of Thai and International Lawyers, Consultants, Accountants, Notary Public, Translators and support staff.

We understand that many of our clients have chosen to live in Thailand, which means they will be building and becoming part of a new community, we wish to provide experienced and dedicated legal services in helping shape that community for success and stability in the future. Isaan Lawyers is first and foremost a part of this community of expats, foreign entrepreneurs, businesses, and long-term travelers in Thailand.


We offer services directed at strengthening our community and our fees reflect this. We  do have an hourly rate that we charge  for initial consultations in person, over the phone or by video facilities.  Should that consultation result in our services being retained we will usually deduct the consultation cost.

The team at Isaan lawyers has over 60 cumulative years of experience in the practice of law in Thailand. We have been in every situation you can imagine both in and out of Court. Whatever you need , be it a prenuptial agreement or registration of a new Thai Limited company, our staff will take the time needed to guide you through the process every step of the way, to protect you, your family, and your assets until you are satisfied.

We make  the law work for you, by having professional, experienced and committed staff with the right expertise, at a reasonable price, and by taking the time to get to know you, the client and your needs in order to get the job done right.


To serve you better, we have also created a number of online services, which are more cost effective than traditional full legal services with a lawyer that accompanies you. They include several levels of service, from simple contract templates that you can complete yourself with instructions for such online services like Last Wills or property agreements. We have made it easy for you to complete the documents where only signatures and registration are necessary. These documents are drafted by professionals to protect your rights. If you are in Bangkok, Phuket, Chiangmai, Nong Khai, Pattaya, these online services can help you anywhere in Thailand. All agreements are made in Thai and English, prepared by Thai registered attorneys.

For most services our clients contact us online or by phone to arrange services they require. We exchange information, provide advice and agree a professional fee to commence the services or legal work required.

We also offer online  appointments to speak in English or Thai with our lawyers by modern means of communication and applications such as Google Meet, Zoom, WhatsApp, LINE, Messenger, Facetime etc.

Appointments can be booked and paid for online where you have a choice to speak with our Thai, English speaking Lawyers or with an English speaking International Lawyer and Foreign Affairs Client Manager.


Should you wish our team to send a Thai attorney to accompany you and to provide assistance to you away from our office this can also be arranged upon request.


We usually and it most cases require  our professional fees to be transferred to us before commencement of any Instructed legal work.  We will provide an invoice upon receipt of the payment. 

We normally operate flat fees for our services. They do not include appeals (if any, very rare), court fees for summonses and lodging of a case together with court fees for financial applications (if you claim something from a party, you  have to pay court fees of 2% for any financial applications), our fees do not include any execution of a decision (should you win a property for example, to sell this property, or get the money that a Court decision gives you) Our fees do not include foreign translations or legalization of documents or translators that may be required for any court case. However, We normally include a number of pages translated from English to Thai or Thai to English.

Once Instructed and or where work commences in any manner, should clients change their mind with regards to any professional work or service our agreed fees are non refundable. The reason for this is that much of our court work is  front loaded and takes preparation. Where services are documentary in nature we may have spent time in client conferences or email exchanges, team advice sessions and information preparation to deal with documentary services.

We will have agreed to perform to the best of our abilities and to exhibit due diligence in the conduct of said services. By Instructing our firm and by transferring professional fees to us you do so by accepting these terms and conditions. Professional fees may only be refunded in part or in full where we have been proven by an Independent Thai regulating body or court to have been negligent. 

Where we do charge a professional hourly fee, our rates can be found below but are subject to change without prior notice. 

We believe that our hourly rates are far below our competition especially in larger cities and offer a better service for the fee itself. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients.


*  Consultations. Online or in office our consultation fees are baht 2000 per hour (Or 1000 for 30 minutes ) with Thai/English speaking lawyers and 2500 per hour ( 0r 1250 for 30 minutes) for English speaking International lawyer/ foreign affairs client manager.

For out of office fees for example where attending government offices for standalone enquiries our fees are baht 2750 per hour not including expenses and any government  fees, interpreter and/or transport expenses.


Our hourly rate for legal matters that are not subject to fixed fee are baht 4500 per hour plus any required expenses.


Below are  fixed fees for some of our common services. We cannot provide web based estimates or fixed fees for Court cases as every case is different, has different issues involved within any application or case and each case may be in a different province across the entire Kingdom of Thailand thus, these cases are quoted on a case by case basis to ensure clients receive the precise work they require at a cost effective fee.

Isaan Lawyers International prides Itself to providing cost effective professional services and to ensure that we work toward western standards of professionalism and client care.

Isaan Lawyers Legal Fees

Legal fees with regards to Family law, Civil law and Criminal law cases are quoted on an individual case by case basis due to geographic locations and the case requirements involved. For a professional quote please contact [email protected]


Company registration fees:

Item Description Price
Company Registration – Professional completion of Incorporation documents by a qualified and experienced commercial lawyer.
– including Attorney’s fees to register the company
– Corporate tax registration
– VAT registration if necessary
– Memorandum of association
– All Government fees except to register the capital (see below)
– Translation of documents Thai to English
– Logo completed by a designer
– Newspaper articles
– 1 Stamp
– Help to open a bank account if necessary
– Share transfer agreements, MOU, Memorandums of Understandings or loan agreements if necessary are quoted individually depending on the clients needs.
– Any changes to the company made or required after the company is Incorporated will result in additional professional and or Governmental/departmental fees.

We can set up a company ANYWHERE in Thailand for these fees. Timeframes to set up a company are around 2 weeks once we have received the fees and all necessary documents and Information required from the client.

… Plus Government Fees:

Company Capital Fee from 1 Million to 3 Million Baht of registered capitalisation. Additional Capital fees are 5500 per extra 1 million baht. 5550

(Example, company of between 1 to 3 million Capital  = 35,000 + (5550) = 40,050 baht in Total.

Work Permit & Visa Services:

Item Description Fee (Baht)
Work Permit Work Permit, Initial Application (+fees see below & additional costs outside of Korat Nakhon Ratchasima) 20,000
Visa One year Thai Visa extension of stay permit based on business, marrige or retirement etc. 20,000

… Plus Government Fees:

  Government Work Permit Fee (for 12 months)Work permit, expect to pay per year … 3,100
  Government Visa fees 2,000

Item Description Fee (Baht)
 Translations  Small documents such as ID Documents house books and birth certificates 400 / 500. A4 pages depending on script, font, size etc. 750/1000  see description
 Notary Public  Notary Public Notarisation per page notarised.  1000
Family, Criminal, Civil Law Cases Cases involving Family Law disputes, Civil Law and Criminal law are quoted on request
Limited Partnership Limited Partnership Registration 6,500
Increase/Decrease Capital Increase or decrease capital for a company 5,900
Preferred Share Setup Attorney’s fees for changing share structure not including government fees included in company
Social Fund Social Fund Business Registration In Korat
Fees for other provinces upon request
(Korat)5,000. Other provinces upon request
Share Transfer Agreement Attorney’s fees for shareholder loan and share transfer agreement Quoted Individually where required
Loan Agreement

Loan Agreement Personal-Business

5,000 +/7000+ material dependent
Legalisation and the MFA Legalisation of documents and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) certification  On request
Change of Address Change the address of a company affidavit 3,500
Change of Address Change the address of TAX I.D. 2,750
Change of Address Change the address of VAT 2,750
Change of Address Change the address of Work Permit 2,750
Change of Director Change the Director of a company 3,500
Change of Company Name Changing the name of a Company 3,900
Change Shareholder(s) Change shareholders of a company 3,500
 TIN   Tax Identification Number  On request
 Change to Articles  Changes to Company Articles of Association or Business Practices or practice changes i.e. from bar to cafe to landscaper or to add or subtract services etc.  On request
Registration: Thai Company Registration of local branch office of Thai company(not including transport and time if we have to travel or government fees) 5,000
BOI (Board of Investment) Register for BOI 80,000 plus
 Accounting Services  Dependent on company, size, turnover, etc. Importantly for any companies outside of Korat, additional work at the DBD, Revenue Department will incur extra charges and expenses, travel, time etc.   To be quoted Individually.
Stamp Extra Company stamp for clients/Thai Limited Company 500
Minutes Of Meeting Preparing minutes of meeting for opening bank account 1,000
Property Title Deed Search to see if the property has liens, if the seller has ownership rights and the type of land documentation. depends on location
Property Drafting a lease/Usufruct/Superficies
or Registering a Lease/Usufruct/Superficies for Land/House etc at the  Land Department
on request
Property Professional negotiations to lower the selling price, transfer fees, stamp duties 10,000 plus
Agreement Asset Purchase Agreement 10,000
Agreement Lease Agreement personal/Business on request
Agreement Partnership/Joint Venture Agreement 9,500
Agreement Land/House Purchase Agreement 10,000
Agreement Share Purchase Agreement 19,500
Agreement Employment Contract with Employee Confidentiality Agreement (English)(English and Thai plus 1500)per employee 6,500/ 8000
 Agreement  Construction agreement review or drafting  from 12,500 plus
Agreement Reviewing of  agreements (  other than construction agreements which are upon request)
(maximum 25 pages)
construction agreement rates upon request.
 Property Protection  Leases, Usufruct, Superficies tailor drafted in Thai and English  on Request
Due Diligence Due diligence per one million Baht of proposed acquisition (Minimum 25,500 Baht)
(not including transport and time for transport if done in another province than Nakhon Ratchasima)



* All of these terms, conditions and fees are subject to modification without any prior notice or warning

*  Consultations. Online or in office our consultation fees are baht 2000 per hour (Or 1000 for 30 minutes ) with Thai/English speaking lawyers and 2500 per hour (Or 1250 for 30 minutes ) for English speaking International lawyer/ foreign affairs client manager.

For out of office fees for example where attending government offices for standalone enquiries  our fees are baht 2750 per hour not including expenses and any government  fees, interpreter and/or transport.

Depending on the type of case, Civil, Family, Commercial, Criminal etc. Our hourly rate for legal matters that are not subject to fixed fee start at 2750 per hour for work assigned to secretaries or paralegal staff. Junior lawyers fees start at 4000 per hour, Senior lawyers and consultants 5500 per hour, Directors, Partners and Internationally qualified lawyers upon request. ( All fees are plus any expenses and or government fees)

Accountants advice fees commence at baht 3000 per hour for detailed advice.

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