Criminal Law In Thailand

Criminal Law in Thailand
is complicated and very different to In The West.
Isaan Lawyers Prides Itself In the Thai Criminal Law Services We Provide to Our Clients In Thailand.

Criminal law in thailand experience
From Simple Cases Of Theft And Assault To Serious Criminal Matters OF Drugs (Narcotics) People Trafficking And Modern Slavery To Murder. it is important to remember especially for foreign nationals that Thai criminal law is not the same as in your home countries. rules especially with respect to disclosure of evidence differs greatly and the level of information you receive during the case and especially in the beginning is brief to say the least. most offences unlike the west do not have a reverse burden on the prosecution to prove the case against you. thai Criminal law places the burden on the suspect to prove their innocence. expert legal advice, guidance and assistance is crucial especially when there are language barriers.

Our Thai Criminal Lawyers Are Well Versed In thai Criminal Law And Have Over 60 Years Legal Experience. We Deal With Clients Who Have Been Arrested, Remanded Into Custody Or Prison Awaiting Trial, Who Have Thai Criminal Law Cases Pending Within The Courts Or Police Stations As Well As Clients Who Have Been Requested To Attend Police Interviews. It Is Important To Get Things Correct From The Start, Thus, You Need Expert Thai Criminal Lawyers Too Hand. thats why Here At Isaan Lawyers we have a team of thai lawyers and barristers on hand to assist you every step of the way and to provide the right advice when you need it most. We Can Protect Your Position And Assist With Navigating The Thai Criminal Law And Legal System.
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