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We provide accounting services ONLY to companies located in Nakhon Ratchasima province. We normally ask for a flat fee for a one-year accounting service, which will include all the necessary paperwork. For a simple and small company, fees should be around 25,000 baht per year, including the annual audit Report.

Try our professional accounting services in Korat, especially useful in helping you navigate Thai legal requirements while your company is just getting started.

Due DateDescriptionFee (THB)
The 7th of every monthMonthly Withholding Tax Por Ngor Dor 1 (Payroll, Company) Filing and Payment. Starting at…..(up to 30 transactions would be 1,000)1,000
The 29th of every monthSocial Fund Filing
* when using withholding tax service
The 15th of every monthMonthly VAT Filing & Payment Starting at …1,500
Up on requestMonthly Financial Report (Profit/Loss and Balance Sheet) English/Thai. Starting at…2,500
August 30th, based on Dec. 31st Year EndHalf Year Report3,000
May 30th , based on Dec. 31st Year EndAnnual Audit…starting at10,000
End of MonthMonthly Payroll2,000
Jan. 31st of every yearAnnual Workmen’s Compensation Fund1,000
Mar. 31st of every yearAnnual Individual Tax Returns (PND 91 or PND 90)1,000
Jan. 31st of every yearPor Ngor Dor 1 Kor (Annual summary of WithholdingPersonal Income Tax) 2 persons minimum1,000
Additional Por Ngor Dor 1 Kor per person500

For complete details about our Accounting services in Korat please get in touch.

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