Adoption in Thailand

Adoption in Thailand

Adopting a Thai child

Are you looking for adoption in Thailand? Or would you like to adopt a Thai child abroad? We might be able to help you.

What is adoption?

“Adoption is the act of legally placing a child with a parent or parents other than those to whom they were born. An adoption order has the effect of severing parental responsibilities and rights of the original parent(s) and transferring those responsibilities and rights to the adoptive parent(s).”

If you are living abroad, you will need to apply to an agency in your country.

If you live in Thailand and wish to adopt in the land of smiles, applications must be submitted in Bangkok, at the Department of Social Welfare and development. Please do note that adoption is a very long process in Thailand. It might take more than a year. Unfortunately, hiring a lawyer won’t speed up the process. Because of that and other factors, Isaan Lawyers currently stopped helping clients for adoption.

Thailand is part of and ratified the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption entered into force 1 May 1995. We are often asked to work for clients seeking help through the Hague Convention for child abduction. We suggest you first contact your embassy if this is your case.


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