Thai Children Custody – How to Get Custody of a Child in Thailand

Thai Children Custody. What do you need to know under Thai law about parental powers? How to change custody? What happens in case of divorce or international child abduction?

Many expats do not know what is the legal situation about Thai children custody.  Here, it can be different than in your home country. Actually, under Thai law, if the father and the mother are not married, the father has no rights on the child. The mother only has full parental powers. However, this can be changed.

Our office has been required has to assist many individuals related to the custody of a child in Thailand. We represented one party, for example in divorce cases. But we also represent a father that wishes to be granted visitation rights or parental powers under Thai law. We also represented grandparents wishing to be appointed guardians. Our Thai attorneys even represented a foreign government in a case involving a child and parents abroad.

We know that your child is important. This is also why you should choose attorneys with experience who can help you to get rights on your child or visitations if this is what you wish.

This is a short video explaining some parts of custody related to children in Thailand:

Example of process related to Thai Children Custody:

We explain on ThaiLawOnline how parental authority and custody of children are defined under Thai Law. Please refer to our article on the subject of Thai Child custody which is more detailed and quotes the Commercial and Civil Code of Thailand.

In cases of a contested divorce in Thailand, the juvenile division will make an investigation to know what is the best interest of the child? Our law firm will prepare you so you can answer their questions with the best answers possible. We help our clients to get Thai children custody for every case we do and have a very high success rate. We actually have 100% success for unmarried fathers wishing to get joint parental powers or more, in certain circumstances. Remember that getting full and sole custody of children in Thailand is quite hard and would need special conditions (like one of the parent abandoned the child, or is committing crimes with the child, or parents live in different countries, etc.).

Thailand is part of the Hague Convention on Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction. Should you think that there was a wrongful removal of your child from your country to Thailand, or from Thailand to another country that signed this convention, we can help you with this matter.

Should you wish more information, do not hesitate to communicate with us. We are specialized in helping foreigners in Thailand.

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