Professional Ethics

All Lawyers at Isaan Lawyers International adhere to strict rules, regulations and codes of ethics.

The Law Society of Thailand has a code of ethics called the Regulation of the Law Society of Thailand on Lawyer’s Ethics B.E. 2529 (AD 1986) which is overseen and supervised by the Committee on Professional Ethics. The types of professional and ethical conduct described are as follows.


      • Confidentiality

      • Conflict of interest

      • Competence

      • Fees

      • Advertising

      • Solicitation

      • Conduct towards clients

      • Conduct towards other lawyers

      • Conduct towards the court

      • Conduct towards the public

    The firms foreign affairs client manager, John, although a Lawyer himself who practices in many jurisdictions, does not practice law within Thailand as it is a regulated service for Thai Lawyers only, the client managers role is to convey the advice from the Thai lawyers to clients to ensure matters are understood by all parties, this is a vital role where communication may be an issues due to language barriers.