LL.B (Hons) PSAr Fellow Duty Solicitor England and Wales 

Member of the International Bar Association

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Overview And Experience

Chief Executive Officer And Foreign Affairs, Client Manager

Our Foreign Affairs Client Manager, JS has chosen for privacy reasons to provide discreet information publicly. Interested parties can contact [email protected] and speak with JS directly should they have a legitimate reason or need to know more personal details.

JS is a British Lawyer and a Duty Solicitor for both Magistrates Court and Police stations in England and Wales .

He is also a member of the International Bar Association.

His Rights of Audience in England extends from the Lower to the Senior Courts in England and Wales where he regularly appeared as defending Advocate in hearings and trials.

He completed his bachelor’s degree in Law (LL.B) in England where he received a First with Honors and went on to gain a Fellowship with distinction in both Family and Criminal practice.

Formerly JS served within the Armed Forces and the Police Service in uniformed and specialist roles.

JS is no stranger to Thailand having arrived in 2000 and having spent up to six months here per year until his permanent relocation here with his Thai wife and children.

JS has been advising on law since 1989 and has  represented clients domestically and Internationally since 2007. He plays a vital role within the firm and as the foreign affairs client manager he conveys the advice provided by our Thai Lawyers to clients in respect of their case so that parties to proceedings understand the position clearly.

He has wealth of worldwide  knowledge, experience and hands on expertise drives the firm in new directions and standards of professionalism, diversity, opportunity and breadth of legal services. Clients find JS approachable, knowledgeable, understanding and passionate about their case or problem allowing the team to explore the best way to assist and represent our clients.

The Foreign Affairs Client Manager roles is not that of a Lawyer which is a reserved occupation within Thailand, the role is administrative in order to provide and facilitate communication between foreign nationals and our Thai inhouse legal team.

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