Marriage Ceremonies in Thailand

Marriage Ceremonies in Thailand

Marriage Ceremonies in Thailand

Marriage Ceremonies in Thailand. Navigating Registered Vs Unregistered Marriage in Thailand by Isaan Lawyers, The Expats Choice.

Expats and foreigners considering marriage ceremonies in Thailand often encounter the concept of two distinct marriage ceremonies in Thailand: registered marriage and unregistered village ceremonies. Understanding the differences between these options is crucial for making informed decisions about your legal standing and future together.

Registered Marriage ceremonies in Thailand at the Amphur (District Office): Legality and Recognition

  • A registered marriage ceremonies in Thailand are the only legally recognized marriage in Thailand according to the Civil and Commercial Code (CCC) Section 1457 [Civil and Commercial Code (CCC) Section 1457].
  • Performed at the district office (Amphur) with a qualified official present.
  • Requires specific documentation, including residency certificates, embassy affirmations of single status, and parental consent if under 20 years old.
  • Creates legally binding obligations and entitlements regarding property, inheritance, and spousal support.
  • Recognized internationally, allowing for visa applications and spousal benefits.

Village Marriage ceremonies in Thailand (Village Ceremony) (Tam Bun Khwan) Cultural Significance, No Legal Binding

  • A traditional ceremony conducted by a village headman or monk.
  • Holds significant cultural and religious meaning, blessing the union of the couple.
  • Not recognized as a legal marriage under Thai law (CCC Section 1457).
  • Offers no legal protection regarding property, inheritance, or spousal support.

Benefits and Drawbacks: Registered vs. Unregistered Marriage Ceremonies in Thailand

Registered Marriage

  • Benefits: Legally recognized union, clear rights and obligations, spousal benefits and visa support.
  • Drawbacks: Requires paperwork and official procedures, potential for complex legalities.

Unregistered Marriage (Village Ceremony)

  • Benefits: Culturally significant ceremony, potentially lower costs.
  • Drawbacks: No legal recognition, vulnerable financial and inheritance rights, potential visa complications.

Importance of a Prenuptial Agreement

Regardless of the ceremony chosen, a prenuptial agreement drafted by an experienced Isaan lawyer is highly recommended. This agreement:

  • Outlines the division of assets and liabilities in case of divorce.
  • Protects individual financial interests, especially for couples with premarital property.
  • Provides clarity and reduces potential disputes in the future.

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Prenuptial Agreements in Thailand – Get a Thai Prenup (


While both registered and unregistered marriage ceremonies in Thailand hold significance in Thailand, only a registered marriage offers legal protection and recognition. Expats and foreigners should carefully consider their needs and priorities when deciding on a ceremony. Consulting with a lawyer regarding legalities and drafting a prenuptial agreement are crucial steps for safeguarding your future and ensuring a smooth married life in Thailand.

Additional Considerations

  • Same-sex marriage is not currently legal in Thailand.
  • Foreigners should consult their embassy or consulate for additional requirements regarding marriage in Thailand.

Isaan Lawyers Marriage and Wedding Services

Here at Isaan Lawyers we are able via our trusted consultants and partners to arrange your formal registered Thai wedding in Bangkok and Korat,Isaan.

We do not operate in Pattaya or any of the Thai Islands.

Contact us for a consultation where we can arrange the documents required bar the certificate of single status that must be completed in person, have your documents translated and certified by the ministry of foreign affairs, MFA, organize and attend at the District office on the wedding day itself to ensure a happy and smooth Wedding Day.

Contact Us – Isaan Lawyers – Attorneys and Lawyers in Thailand

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This article is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice which can be fully provided by Isaan Lawyers.

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