Cannabis shops to close in Thailand

cannabis shops to close in Thailand

Cannabis shops to close by April 01st 2025 as the Thai PM orders drug reclassification.

Thailand’s Prime Minister, Srettha Thavisin, has announced a significant shift in the country’s cannabis policy. This policy change will have a major impact on the burgeoning cannabis industry in Thailand. This reversal of policy is likely to create uncertainty and challenges for businesses and individuals involved in the Thai cannabis industry. This is a significant development and is likely to be met with resistance from the cannabis industry and those who favor legalization.


Key Points:

  • Shutdown of Cannabis Shops: All cannabis shops in Thailand are to be closed by April 1, 2025.
  • Reclassification of Cannabis: Cannabis will be reclassified as a scheduled narcotic substance by the end of 2024. This reverses the 2022 statute that exempted police from criminal proceedings related to marijuana.
  • Reasoning Behind the Change: The Prime Minister views the cannabis trade as a threat to the country, arguing that it brings more economic negatives than positives. He has also advocated for stricter police action and treatment measures for drug addicts.


  • Previous Policy: In 2022, Thailand passed a law that decriminalized the cultivation and possession of small amounts of marijuana. This legislation was championed by former Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul.
  • Prime Minister’s Opposition: Prime Minister Thavisin has consistently expressed strong opposition to cannabis legalization. This disagreement with the previous Health Minister may have contributed to Cholnan Srikaew’s removal from the cabinet.

Source of Controversy:

  • Economic Impact: The planned reclassification is likely to unsettle the cannabis industry, which has grown rapidly in recent years.
  • Public Consultation: The newly appointed Minister of Public Health, Somsak, suggested public consultation on the matter. This suggests some disagreement within the government on the best course of action.

Overall, Thailand’s cannabis policy is undergoing a major reversal. Prime Minister Thavisin’s stricter stance on cannabis prioritizes potential negative economic impacts and social concerns over the potential benefits.

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