Isaan Lawyers  translation  services

English to Thai translations and Thai to English translation services. 

We together with our partners can offer translation services in more than 85 different languages.

The most common is English to Thai or Thai to English. These we complete and stamp in house.

In House Translation services from Thai to English and vice versa

Our inhouse translation services are provided at very reasonable rates from baht 400 for standard matters such as ID Cards and driving licenses to 500 for House books and Birth certificates.

Pages of A4 start around baht 750 to 1000 depending on complexity and word count, larger packages can be provided for a discount once seen and reviewed. All translations come stamped by us.

Other languages can also be accommodated with or without MFA Ministry of Foreign Affairs Certification. Rates and times vary on documents, languages and needs.

Notary  Public services are also available too. We have three in house Notary Public Lawyers at Isaan Lawyers International.

Just give us a call and let us know your needs.

For any queries please get in touch.

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