Choosing the Right Lawyer in Thailand as an Expat or Overseas National.

Choosing the Right Lawyer in Thailand as an Expat or Overseas National.

Choosing the Right Lawyer in Thailand as an Expat or Overseas National.

If you are an expat or an overseas national living in Thailand, Choosing the Right Lawyer in Thailand as an Expat or Overseas National is vital.

You may need to hire a lawyer for various reasons. Whether you are dealing with immigration issues, property disputes, business contracts, divorce, or criminal charges, finding a reliable and trustworthy lawyer is essential. However, choosing a lawyer in Thailand can be challenging, especially if you are not familiar with the legal system, the language, or the culture. Here are some tips on how to choose a lawyer in Thailand as an expat or overseas national.

  1. Know your legal needs. Different lawyers specialise in different areas of law, so you should look for a lawyer who has experience and expertise in handling cases similar to yours. For example, if you are facing criminal charges, you should look for a criminal defense lawyer who knows the Thai criminal law and procedure. If you are buying or selling property, you should look for a real estate or property lawyer who can advise you on the legal aspects of property transactions. If you have a cross border issue here and in your home country for example the UK you may wish to look for a lawyer with a background from there and Thailand to handle your needs.
  1. Do your research. You can find lawyers in Thailand through various sources, such as online directories, websites, referrals, or advertisements. However, you should not rely on these sources alone. You should also do your own research to verify the credentials, reputation, and track record of the lawyers you are considering. You can check their websites, social media profiles, reviews, testimonials, or publications to get a sense of their professionalism and quality of service. And for how long the company has been around.
  1. Look at the law firms fees and services. Are they transparent? Lawyers in Thailand may charge different fees and offer different services depending on their qualifications, experience, and complexity of the case. Firms in commercial populated areas such as Bangkok, Phuket Chiang Mai etc. will have fees considerably higher than many other domestic or International law firms. You should compare the fees and services of Bangkok lawyers before making a decision. You should also ask for a written fee agreement that clearly states the scope of work, the billing method, the payment terms, and the possible expenses. You should avoid lawyers who charge very low fees or who promise unrealistic results.
  1. Communicate effectively. Communication is key to establishing a good relationship with your lawyer and achieving a favorable outcome for your case. You should look for a lawyer who can communicate with you effectively in a language that you understand. You should also look for a lawyer who is responsive, attentive, experienced and respectful. You should be able to reach your lawyer easily and get regular updates on your case. You should also feel comfortable asking questions and expressing your concerns to your lawyer.
  1. Trust your instincts. Finally, you should trust your instincts when choosing a lawyer in Thailand as an expat or overseas national. You should look for a lawyer who makes you feel confident and comfortable. You should also look for a lawyer who shares your values and goals and who is willing to work with you as a partner. You should avoid lawyers who pressure you into making decisions or who make you feel uneasy or doubtful. You should choose a Lawyer or firm that has been around for many years, who are well established, known and respected with good reviews and feedback. Can you visit them, their offices and meet the staff or do you have to meet them at random places, hotels, coffee shops or co working spaces. Does that not make you think?

If you are an expat or a foreign national living in Thailand, and have legal issues that require professional assistance make sure that you are dealing with a reputable and long established law firm in Thailand such as Isaan Lawyers.

Choosing the Right Lawyer in Thailand as an Expat or Overseas National. Isaan Lawyers is one of the leading law firms in Thailand for expats and overseas nationals and have been protecting the interests of their clients in and out of court since 2006.

With over 16 years of experience and a team of qualified lawyers who can speak English, Thai, and some German. They have successfully handled thousands of cases for clients from all over the world, ranging from visa applications, marriage registrations, divorce settlements, land purchases, company formations, contracts, wills and inheritance, criminal and civil cases, UK Visas and more.

Unlike some new firms with little or no experience who hold themselves out to be expert, expat lawyers. Isaan Lawyers has a proven track record of delivering high-quality legal services at reasonable prices. They also have a network of partners in other regions of Thailand and abroad, so they can handle complex and cross-border cases with ease. Our clients return to us time and time again, why? Because they are experts at what we do.

Another advantage of choosing Isaan Lawyers is that you will always speak with qualified in-house lawyers, Attorneys, Solicitors and Barristers who have a dedicated and wide background in legal services and Law, domestic and International, not client managers who have no legal knowledge or skills.

This means that you will get accurate and reliable advice and representation from experts who know International and Thai laws and regulations inside out. More over from years of experience they can apply the law to your situation.  That in our submission cannot be taught, that takes years of Legal, Court Practice and Experience.

At Isaan Lawyers the Foreign Affairs Client Manager and CEO, John is a qualified and practicing British and International Lawyer and Duty Solicitor with a wealth of knowledge and experience and a career in the Legal and Law sector since 1989.

He speaks several languages and with his wealth of experience can walk you through the law and legal process here in Thailand with confidence and ease. John uses his decades of experience to draw from you the information the lawyers need to effectively represent you no matter what the query or case. His informal straightforward approach means that the information you are provided is clear and concise, just what is needed when you are facing legal issues in a foreign land.

If you are looking for a trustworthy and experienced law firm in Thailand, look no further than Isaan Lawyers who will provide you with personalised and professional legal solutions that suit your needs and expectations. Contact us today for advice and assistance.

Visit our offices, meet our lawyers and our team, book a consultation in advance or just pop in we are open Monday to Friday 9 to 5, well, sometimes 4 on a Friday, it is the weekend and the team works hard.

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