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A Prenuptial Agreement is a written contract made prior to a marriage, where the spouses fix their respective property rights and settle other questions in advance should they one day file for divorce. Often considered insincere, a prenuptial agreement is a smart option, as divorces tend to be rushed and controversial, often ending in a court having to decided the final matters. As hard as it may be to ask your soon-to-be bride to sign a prenuptial, in the end it often saves both sides further grief and hardship, should the marriage end in divorce. Our Prenuptial Agreement Thailand contains a list of all the belongings, assets, and debts of both spouses before being married, and specifies what each spouse is entitled to if a divorce ensues. We explain Thai law and protect both parties with a bilingual agreement in Thai and English.

It is very important that you clearly understand every detail of the contract before marrying your Thai fiancée. Remember that most of the papers will be written in Thai and the Amphur Office (local registration office where people get married) only provides documents in Thai.

We would recommend seeking counsel from a Thai family lawyer before signing or even beginning a prenuptial agreement. However, some people do not have the money to spend on lawyers. Using a template created by a professional will save you money and will protect you at low cost.

The requirements of a prenuptial agreement in Thailand are:

 – the prenuptial agreement must be signed in front of two witnesses who are at least 20 years of age, and who must also sign

 – the contract must be registered at the local district office (Amphur Office).

Sample of our Prenuptial Agreement Thailand



Whereas Prospective Husband and Prospective Wife have made a full and complete disclosure to each other of all of their financial assets and liabilities, as more fully set forth in the accompanying Financial Statements, attached hereto as attachments C and D.

โดยที่ว่าที่สามีและว่าที่ภรรยาได้จัดทำรายการทรัพย์สินและหนี้สินทั้งหมดของแต่ละฝ่ายเพื่อเปิดเผยให้อีกฝ่ายหนึ่งได้ทราบโดยสมบูรณ์ ทั้งนี้ รายละเอียดเกี่ยวกับบัญชีทรัพย์สินของแต่ละฝ่ายปรากฏตามเอกสารประกอบแนบท้าย ค และ ง

Whereas Prospective Husband and Prospective Wife hereby mutually agree that the management of the personal property and the common property shall be governed by this Prenuptial Agreement.


Whereas both parties acknowledge that they have read and understand this agreement, have not been subjected to any form of coercion, duress, or pressure, and believe this agreement to be fair and to represent their intentions with regard to their assets and to any estate that shall result from their marriage;  (…)

โดยที่คู่สัญญาได้รับรองว่าได้อ่านและเข้าใจสัญญาฉบับนี้โดยตลอดและปราศจากการขู่เข็ญ ข่มขู่ หรือบังคับ และคู่สัญญาเชื่อมั่นว่าสัญญานี้เป็นสัญญาที่ยุติธรรมและสอดคล้องกับเจตนารมณ์ของคู่สัญญาในเรื่องทรัพย์สินและทรัพย์มรดกใดๆที่เป็นผลมาจากการสมรส



In this ZIP file, you will receive a full “Prenuptial Agreement” based on Thai Law. It is in Microsoft Office file format and contains all the instructions you will need to complete it. It has 14 pages without the annexes and was drafted by Thai registered attorneys.

These documents can’t be copied or re-sell by any organization or company. They are only templates to be used ONCE for your own purposes. Legal advice is not included but instructions should be in the packages. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM AS THE LINK MIGHT BE SENT TO YOUR SPAM FOLDER.

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