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In the last years, Isaan Lawyers had clients from more than 30 different countries. Our services have been used for accounting, company formation, Last Will and testament, real estate, translation, divorce, marriage, adoption, prenuptial agreements, BOI application, debt recovery, private investigation and much more. It’s very difficult to please every client. Some situations we deal with are very complicated and for all of our clients, we try our best. Here are some comments from actual and former clients:

Living Will:

  • “I received the signed copy of the living will in the post. Thank you for your prompt attention and your excellent service.”

– Keith C., UK (2018). 


Real Estate Law

  • “I am impressed, I can now understand people to recommend you, and I will for sure do the same.”

– Svente K., Sweden (Cha-Am – October 2015). 


Real Estate Law and Last Will (2015) Divorce (2018)

  • “We like to thank you for the good advices you gave and your staff for their perfect service. In only two hours everything has been arranged.”  (2015)

  • “soon to be added”

– Andre D., Belgium 


Inheritance in Court

  • “je suis content de savoir que  pour mon futur en thailand je peux compter sur un team compétent en matière de droit et ne manquerai pas de vous faire bonne presse auprès d’autres personnes désireuse de s’implanter dans l’isaan.”

– Pierre P., Switzerland (Roi-Et – 2015).  


Probate of Will

  • “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at Issan Lawyers for their handling of probate for my wife’s will.  In a very short time I had all the necessary court orders, translations of documents and your assitance getting bank to release funds and change property ownership at land office.  Looking back it was nice having someone to deal with all the legal matters and I now realize I chose the right firm to handle this matter.  I will not be hesitant in selecting Issan Lawyers should I need other legal services in the future.”

– Richard B., UK (case in Nakhon Ratchasima – July 2011). 


Protection of Real Estate Investment, Last Will and Lease Agreement.

  • “Je vous remercie de votre collaboration, et ne manquerais pas,
    non seulement de faire appel à vos services, mais aussi de vous recommander chaudement.
    Très respectueusement.
    PS: Vous pouvez me citer, si cela vous est utile, en toute circonstances. “

– Jean Claude B., France (case in Udon Thani – May 2012). 


Property, Inheritance, Civil Law.

  • “Many thanks to Sebastian and his team from Isaan Lawyers for the excellent service I received from them. Having run the gauntLet of “reputable” lawyers in Thailand and their services (…)  I finally got results (against all the odds) and won my case in spite of not being able to be present in Court for the appropriate date. I was charged an extremely low fee in comparison to what I gained, and indeed: in comparison to what I had already paid in advance to the non to the non performing but ever-promising Thai legal law firm I had previously approached for help. I was treated with dignity and honesty and have no hesitation in recommending this particular law firm to anybody needing help as regards matters Thai. (…) I hereby happily give my permission for them to use me as a contact reference, and for them to supply my email adress to anybody still in doubt as to their competency and integrity.”

– David S., South Africa (case in Buriram).


Accounting, Company Formation, Immigration and Work Permit

  • “I have been using the services of Isaan Lawyers since 2006 regarding the visas, work permit and company formation. Always found them to be on top of things. Highly professional and they charge very reasonable prices for their excellent services. I have recommended my friends to them and I have no hesitation in recommending others to utilize their services.”

-Imran H., Pakistan. (work in Nakhon Ratchasima 2006-until now (2013), still a current client)



  • “J’ai été amené à utiliser les services d’Issaan Lawyers en 2007/2008 pour l’adoption d’un adulte thaïlandais. J’ai été enchanté de leur compétence et de leurs services. En particulier, j’ai beaucoup apprécié la disponibilité de monsieur Brousseau, sa réactivité et son implication.

    Je continuerai à faire appel à eux, notamment pour acheter un terrain et faire construire une maison d’hôtes.” –

– Cyrille R., France. (work in Buriram 2007 until now (2013), still a current client)


Debt recovery

  • “It was a tough situation for us with our Thai customer refusing to pay us. Then Isaan Lawyers got involved and we got all our money back. They were top-class professional but charged us such a reasonable fee. I definintely can not say the same about lawyers elsewhere, especially those in Hong Kong.”

– Li J., Hong Kong, China. (Case in Bangkok)


Thai ID card and Registration

  • “My wife (Thai) left Thailand when she was about 17. She married and moved to the US where she raised a family over a 35 year period. She had not renewed here Thai ID card in all this time, or her passport. (…) She had not had contact with them (her family) for over 30 years and didn’t know if they were alive or not. (…) Gee (Thai lawyer working at Isaan Lawyers) found “Samlee, my wife’s mother”. (…). A reunion of mother and daughter, after over 30 years, each not knowing if the other was still alive (…).”

– Bruce K, USA. (work in Bangkok and around Khon Kaen)



  • “I used Isaan lawyers for my divorce case. My ex-wife was very difficult but my lawyer and the translator helped me at every stage. Everything was completed in the timeframe I was given and the end result was very satisfactory.”

– André D., UK living in Thailand. (work in Nakhon Ratchasima)

  • “I used Isaan lawyers for my divorce case. My ex-wife was very difficult but my lawyer and the translator helped me at every stage. Everything was completed in the timeframe I was given and the end result was very satisfactory.”

– Nigel F., UK living in Thailand. (work in Chayaphum)


  • “Isaan lawyers assisted me with my divorce, my Thai friend in Australia suggested to just go to the Amphur and sign the divorce papers, simple she said. I then contacted Isaan lawyers, they suggested to also make a divorce agreement, straight away that made better sense to me, never know the ex might be able to claim something latter on, this way is  all over , no surprises from the past come to bite you and you can get on with your life. They also translated and notorised the divorce document. The divorce was made easy as I my lawyer at my side,  who could explain everything to me. I did not pay my now ex wife anything, not even money for travelling, after all she is the real winner, she wasted my time and has recieved over the marriage period a large amount of money from me. Any way the main thing is Isaan lawyers saved me again when I really needed help. You have a very happy client.”

– Douglas B., Australia. (work in Udon Thani 2013)


  • “I’ve worked as a government lawyer myself for many years, and I’ve had some court experience too, and I know precisely what I’m looking for, when I choose a law firm abroad to represent me in a legal case.

In Thailand I regrettably had to go through a divorce with my Thai wife after a very short-lived and unhappy marriage. My wife surprisingly didn’t want to settle things amicably, but chose instead to put forward legal and extensive financial claims against me.

Isaan Lawyers made a solid divorce agreement that protects me from any further financial losses that otherwise might have occurred, stemming from the period of our short-lived marriage. The divorce agreement effectively prevents my ex-wife from putting forward any further financial claims, both now and later.

The work from Isaan Lawyers that was produced in my case, is of a high legal quality, and their work methods are thorough and extensive. They leave no relevant stone unturned when they prepare a court case. They serve their client’s best interest – also in the long-term perspective, which is equally important as the short-term perspective.

And they did all this at a reasonable rate.

I’ll gladly recommend Isaan Lawyers to anyone who is in need of legal aid.

– M. (The client wished not to publish his name or country), Scandinavia. (January 2014)  


  • “Thank you very much for your advise and also for your candor.  I appreciate everything.”
– Dwight C., USA.
Real Estate, Family Law, Divorce and Banking
  • “Over the past 12 months a required a Prenuptial Agreement, a MOU document, a Mortgage document on a property and 2 Wills – this was done on the excellent advice from Sebastian here in Nakhon Ratchasima.
The advice turned out to have saved my bacon, so to speak.
As I purchased a home with a Thai lady who left me after only 6 weeks of moving into a brand new fully furnished home.
I managed to sell the property as the lady and I remained good friends.
The money was returned to me in full.
Thats when the fun started as I wished to send my money back to Australia.
It became a terrible stressful time for me.
The bank were being stubborn and pedantic as the home was not in my name. So I could not produce any evidence that the money I had in my bank account here in Nakhon Ratchasima came from the sale of the home – that’s were the Mortgage document proved to be worth it’s weight in Gold!!
The bank was still refusing to send my money back home so I called on Sebastian for his valuable assistance.
Well, he walked into that bank and quickly sorted that lot out!!
My money is now safe in my Australian bank account.
I can highly recommend a visit to the Isaan Laywers website for advice and assistance if you have any problems with regard to property or an intended marriage to a Thai lady.
Book and appointment and talk to Sebastian before you recklessly get into a financial agreement with a Thai lady.
Sebastian has lived in Thailand for the past 12 years and has gained such valuable experience in all aspects of Thai law.
In my opinion there is no substitute for experience.
Good luck everyone – take CARE !!
Sincere heartfelt thanks to Sebastian and his wonderful staff.”
– Arthur B., Perth Australia (Work in Nakhon Ratchasima, 2018)



Divorce, Translation and Legalization of Documents

  • “Me and my fiancée used Isaan Lawyers to get a divorce for my fiancée cause her former husband abandoned her more than one year before we met. Isaan Lawyers did great work for a reasonable price, and my fianceè got her divorce easy as promised by jugdement in Court of Law. We have also used Isaan Lawyers to get papers from Amphur translated and stamped by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs, papers to be used for application for fiancée visa. We will surely use Isaan Lawyers again when the time requires it, and have no problem to recommend their service.”

– Trond A., Norway.(Case and work in Udon Thani)


Custody of Children (Thai, foreigners, dual citizenships and international custody)

  • “Thank you everyone for all your work on my case. We got a very good result today at the court. Many thanks and well done for a great job, Khun Terd, Khun Oui and Sebastian.”

– Eyal, Isreal (October 2017)

  • “My son, a US Citizen, was at his wit’s end last year when he hired Isaan Lawyers to represent him in a very difficult custody case.   His son’s mother had made it impossible for him to have any type of relationship with his son.  After extensive research, he called on Sebastian Brousseau for help.  Sebastian is very professional, was always available to answer my son’s questions and provide guidance.   There was never any doubt that Sebastian cared about his client.    He proved himself to be trustworthy and effective.    Sebastian and his legal expert Khun Terd worked tirelessly and successfully defended the case in a Thai Family Court.   Khun Terd is an excellent trial lawyer and a skillful negotiator. The lawyers’ experience and keen attention to detail left no ‘stone unturned’ when preparing for the case.   The results far exceeded our expectations.

    For a grandmother who has been longing for eight years to see and hold her  grandson, the trial outcome was a very precious gift that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Thanks to Isaan Lawyers, I was able to visit with my grandson and can now have a relationship with him.   Would I recommend Isaan Lawyers to my family and friends?   Without any hesitation, I would say that our experience with Isaan Lawyers was a very positive one.  I have the highest regard for Mr. Brousseau and Mr. Terd and would absolutely recommend Isaan Lawyers to anyone in need of legal help.

– Leonite G., USA. (August 2014, case in Koh Samui)


  • “Sebastian, I am forever in you and your excellent lawyers debt. For viewers Issan Lawyers aided me me to full custody of my 3 children within 6 months.”

– Pat G., UK. (Posted on Facebook in August 2010, case in Roiet)


  • “My wife-to-be did not have full custody of one of her two children. We had not succeeded in prior negotiations with the child’s father so we engaged Isaan Lawyers to pursue the custody matter in court. The matter was settled in our favour through careful negotiation by one of the Isaan Lawyers team, Khun Terd, during the course of our court proceedings. We are very happy with the result and the professional and dedicated manner in which our case was handled.”

– Russell, Australia (September 2012, case in Korat)


Notarial Services

  • “Before we moved to the UK Issan Lawyers translated and notarized a number of documents for us including, marriage certificate, birth certificate, and others and all have been used in the UK without any problems at Government departments, banks, insurance companies etc.”

– Keith S., UK. (August 2010) 


  • Seb and his team have translated and notarised many documents for me in the past. This includes our marriage certificate and several other documents used in our aplication for my wife to gain a residence visa for Australia. All documents were accepted. Seb and the Isaan Lawyers staff provide an excellent service at a very resonable cost and the work is always completed promptly.

– Bill B., Australia.(August 2010)


Prenuptial Agreement Online and others

  • “I wanted to write a few words to thank you and your team for helping me and my wife draft and work through a prenuptial agreement prior to our marriage.  I must say that your service is what all other companies in Thailand and elsewhere should strive for.  Your fellow workers are a delight, so thorough & accurate, the kind of valuable employees that every company needs; you are lucky to have them.  I have worked with dozens of law firms in America both business related and personally and without exaggeration your firm’s work was equal or better than than I have seen there, and your pricing was definitely the most reasonable.  Hopefully I’ll get a chance to recommend you firm to someone else, and if given the chance the recommendation will be glowing”

– Dan S., USA. (November 2010)


Real Estate Law – Property Contracts

  • “I was recommended Isaan Lawyers through a fellow countryman who is also a client. My wife and I live in Phuket, where everything is overpriced like there is no tomorrow and with the recommendation from my friend, I wanted to give a law firm from “out of town” a try. I was a little bit hesitant at first, but after dealing with Sebastian and his team, all of that is gone. The support and prep-work beforehand was excellent in everyway and for the first time since long, I have the feeling of not beeing ripped off. I am truly grateful for the services provided and I will return with any future needs I might have. I now consider Isaan Lawyers to be “my lawyer in Thailand” and I feel comfortable of recommending them to anyone.”

– Anders N., Sweden.(March 2011 – work in Phuket)


  • “I can only say, Isaan lawyers have do another first class job for me. .”

– Douglas B., Australia.(August 2014 – work in Sakon Nakhon – transfer of property and mortgage. See below, same client)


Debt recovery from a Thai lawyer

  • June 2009 engaged Thai lawyer in Udon Thani (Not Isaan Lawyers) and send him 500,000 Baht for some work and purchase of property.  July 2009, Instruction given the stop and cancel, to refund my money minus any fees. The Thai lawyer wanted me to invest in Thai cable TV company, I declined and wanted him to refund my money, tried many times, emails and telephoning, always delays, he even offered to pay me interest, I was getting nowhere, I contacted a friend  who has been living in Thailand for many years, he has had personnel experience many times how a Thai lawyer working for him, has changed sides when the other person was a Thai.  I explained my situation to my friend, he recommended Isaan lawyers, to quote his words ” he has had only good reports about Isaan lawyers”. In 2010, I hired Isaan Lawyers. Through Sebastian, I was always updated about news about my case, even sent documented via email,  it was a very very long process (2 years). But the final repayment of my money was sent into my bank account in Australia. I recommend Isaan lawyers, they gave good advice, I found it easy to understand,  they never lead me to believe what was not a possible outcome. And the fees are not excessive.”

– Douglas B., Australia.(Comments of November 2012)


Translation, Legalization and International Divorce –

  • “Et encore merci infiniment pour votre support et conseils, mon dossier a abouti en Septembre dernier et ma situation et d’ores et déjà claire aux vues des lois Françaises.Je tenais à vous remercier, ainsi que votre équipe de ce sérieux coup de main.”

– Gérard B., France, Thailand and Hong Kong.(Comments of May 2012 – work done in 2011)


Surrogacy contracts, foreign citizenship of children and others.

    • “Once again we are very grateful and thankful to Sebastian and his team for helping us so that our family can be united.”

                              – L., Singapore (October 2014)

  • We are a Spanish  case. We were staying in Bangkok some months and we spent a lot of money.  I also lost my job. We were desperate. Thanks to Isaan Lawyers and the good work we have to do all the documents to get out of Bangkok.  We left Bangkok without any problems. They did extra work without extra cost. Our thanks to Isaan Lawyers will be forever !!!! We are now in our country in peace and enjoying our children. Thanks.”

                            – Pedro, Spain (October 2014)

  • “I work with lawyers all the time but not often do I come across a legal team of the calibre of Sebastian and his colleagues. Isaan Lawyers worked tirelessly and enthusiastically, providing clear and regular updates with solutions devised and risks assessed despite the mercurial state of Thai law.”

                    – David M., Attorney, Australia.(September 2014)

  • “And if it wasn’t for Sebastian at Isaan Lawyers, who went out of his way to help me, I wouldn’t have made it home. He, and his wife, even followed me to Cambodia to help me with my overstayed visa, and didn’t even charge me for it. But I feel that it should have been XXXXXXXXXX supporting me, trying to help, making sure me and the twins were all right.”

                    – Daniel, Sweden. (October 2014)

  • “Hallelujah!!!!! You and your team are the best Sebastian!!!”        – Worker in surrogacy in Thailand. 

Usufruct, Online Services

  • “We were there approximately two hours.  They asked us for an extra copy each of my passport and her tabien bahn, which we had.  They reviewed the contracts you put together, had us pay 75 Baht and we walked out with my name on the Chanote.  Thank you for a job well executed.  I will happily recommend your services should the opportunity arise.We also look forward to doing business with you again next year when we move to Thailand, to write up our Thai wills.”

                     – Gary B.,(March 2013)

Usefruct and House registrations

  • “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team at Issan Lawyers for their handling of the property registrations, issuing Usefruct agreements and Housebook registrations the property owners in our community in Khao Yai.”

– Erik N. on behalf the property owners (Khao Yai – May 2013)


You can see also more than 20 other recommendations and 800 endorsements on Mr Sebastian H. Brousseau profile on Linkedin:


Isaan Lawyers has done cases from Phuket to Phayao, Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Songkla, Krabi, Chonburi, Cha-Am, Samui, Rayong, Ubon Thani, Ubon Ratchatani, Khon Kaen, Sisaket, Surin, Buriram, Roiet Chiangmai, Lopburi, Sakhon Nakhon, Nakhon Ratchasima and others.