Isaan Lawyers is one of the pioneers in on-line contracts in Thailand. We have produced a wide range of contracts available in both English and Thai language. All drafted and reviewed by dedicated lawyers who are fluent in English and Thai language. We believe there are many benefits to this new and exciting medium for producing high quality contracts and it doesn’t change anything to the traditional legal work that we normally do. This is just another range of services that we provide.

The first benefit is the cost. It is far cheaper to simply download a contract template as opposed to spending time in a law firm and having them draw up the papers. Don’t forget that all contract need to be in both English and Thai, so there is the additional cost of translation services. Our service being offered is a fraction of the normal legal cost for more traditional contract services.

In addition to saving you money, these on-line contract templates save you time. It’s all right at your fingertips. Click, zip, type, print. Voila! A rock-solid, fully legal contract in 2 languages. And everything ready to go for the final signatures in less than an hour. Step-by-step instructions are also included in our packages.

You might be thinking that contracts are confusing and the language often too “legalese” to understand. The team at Isaan Lawyers has you covered. Included in each contract template download is an easy to understand, straightforward instruction guide for completing the contract of your choice. And of course, should you have any questions, our staff will be happy to provide you with quick professional feedback. We also offer online consultation should you wish here.

So if you are planning to relocate to Thailand or are already living your life in The Land of Smiles, and you are considering making a major land purchase, or looking to get married, or want to open a business, or just want a vehicle registered in your name, allow us to do you a favour. Save money, same time, and save yourself the hassle. Find here the perfect on-line contract template for your needs today.

Usufruct Agreement Thailand

The usufruct, or the “See-tee-kep-kin” as the Thai people call it, is a contract between the owner of a property and the “to be” usufructuary. This type of contract will […]