Expat Specialists


 Expat specialists.


Isaan Lawyers International are Expats Specialists and have dealing with the legal issues our expat and overseas clients face since 2006.

If you are an expat or an overseas national living in Thailand, you may face legal challenges that require professional assistance. Whether you need help with Thai or UK visa and immigration, property, business, family, or criminal matters, you can rely on Isaan Lawyers who are expat specialists to provide you with expert advice and representation. We have been looking after the interests of our expat clients in and out of court since 2006


Isaan Lawyers is a law firm is an expat specialist law firm serving the needs of expat and overseas nationals in Thailand. As expat specialists We have a team of qualified and experienced lawyers who speak fluent English and Thai, and who understand the local culture and legal system. We have offices in Korat and Pattaya and lawyers nationwide who handle cases throughout the country.


At Isaan Lawyers, as expat specialists we offer a range of legal services for expat and overseas nationals, such as:


– Visa and work permit applications and renewals

– UK Visa

– Marriage and divorce procedures

– Family Law

– Child custody, legitimisation and adoption issues

– Property purchase and protective agreements

– Business incorporation & registration and contracts

– Taxation and accounting

– Criminal defense and bail

– Civil Law and Litigation

– Arbitration and mediation

– Translation

– Last and Living Wills

– Notary Public Services and more


We are committed to providing our expat and overseas clients with high-quality legal services at reasonable fees. We also offer initial consultations at affordable rates. We value our expat and overseas clients’ trust and satisfaction, and we strive to achieve the best possible outcomes for them.


If you are looking for an that expat specialist law firm for expats and overseas nationals in Thailand, look no further than Isaan Lawyers. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our lawyers. We are ready to assist you with any legal issue you may have.