Droit de la famille en Thaïlande

Family Law In Thailand

Family Law in Thailand "Isaan Lawyers" is a leader in Family Law in Thailand.

Professional tailored prenuptial agreements, divorce by consent or in court, child custody rights, surrogacy wills and probate and more.

We understand that your family is important and have built our reputation on protecting your loved ones.

We have been in practice since 2006. during the years we have helped expats and foreign nationals as well as thai citizens with family law cases.

our lawyers use their family law in thailand experience to negotiate where possible the best outcome for you and your family. where court proceedings are necessary we will walk you through the entire process.
we know that when it comes to family law issues things can be sensitive and at times emotional and difficult. let us take the pressure from you. our dedicated and experienced team of lawyers will treat each case with the sensitivity, care and professionalism it requires.

our team has over 60 years experience with family law in thailand cases.

prenuptial agreements tailored for your personal needs. when you are a foreign national with assets it is important from the start to protect your assets and hard earned wealth. A tailor made prenuptial agreement can do just that. It will spell out what is personal property and what is common property for both parties. this will in the event of divorce be one of the most important documents for the court to consider. can you afford not to get one?

wills and probate
living wills
divorce by consent agreements
divorce by court proceedings
child contact and parental rights
adoption in thailand
intercountry adoption
surrogacy in thailand
these are but a few of the services and legal areas we cover

please see our relevant website pages for more information on each case area.
when it comes to family law matters can you afford not to get things right first time?
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