Car Sale Agreement – Thailand Template and Download

In this download, you will find a car sale agreement. As you may well be aware, the car industry is pretty big in Thailand. Although a very small percent of the population can afford luxury imported cars, the cars which are manufactured and sold in Thailand are actually quite affordable.

So, how does it work? Everything goes through the local Department of Land Transport Office, the DLT. This is where you need to go to for all car registration procedures, sales, and documentation.

As the new owner of the car, you will receive the identification papers in the form of the “Blue Book” or “Lem Tabian”. This book contains vital information like the owner’s name and address. Any sales process involving a car must be completed with the transfer of the Blue Book. Selling a car without the Blue Book may prove to be very difficult, if not impossible.

Like many other countries, Thailand has a mandatory car insurance called : Compulsory Motor Insurance. It is usually bought at the DLT, but you can also purchase it from an insurance company or the car dealership. There is also a car tax, which must be payed annually. It’s not nominal, so if you buy a car with the tax already payed for, you’re good to go. The proof of payment is a sticker which must be displayed on the car’s windscreen.

In this package, you will find a bilingual agreement. This document is designed should you wish to sell a second hand car.

Sample of our contract:


  1. Price and Delivery / ราคาและการส่งมอบ

2.1       The Buyer agrees to buy the “Purchased Vehicle” of the Seller under this agreement for the total price of ___________________ THB (_______________________________).

ผู้จะซื้อตกลงซื้อ “ยานพาหนะที่จะซื้อขาย” ของผู้จะขายตามสัญญาฉบับนี้ ราคาทั้งสิ้นจำนวน ___________________ บาท (_____________________________)

  1. A) Making a fully payment at once for the total amount of __________ THB (________________________________________) on the signing date of this agreement, and the Seller has already received such payment completely or;


  1. B) Making a deposit to the Seller for the amount of __________ THB (________________________________________) on the signing date of this agreement, and the Seller has already received such payment completely. The Buyer agrees to pay the remaining amount of __________ THB (________________________________________) in cash to the seller on the date of transfer on ____________________ at the Transport Department.




In this ZIP file, you will receive a full “Car Sale Agreement” based on Thai Law of 7 pages. It is the perfect document to make an easy and legal sale contract for a car, motorcycle, or any other vehicle. There are step-by-step instructions in a file called “READ THIS” and optional clauses in a separate file that you can add to personalise your contract. There is also a separate receipt for payment of the vehicle. The template is bilingual, Thai and English, as well as optional clauses and the receipt. All documents have been prepared by Thai registered lawyers.

These documents can’t be copied or re-sell by any organization or company. They are only templates to be used ONCE for your own purposes. Legal advice is not included but instructions should be in the packages. PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM AS THE LINK MIGHT BE SENT TO YOUR SPAM FOLDER.

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